Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Want to thank so many of you for your expressions of love and prayers.  Today's 10 a.m. was tough, no way around that, but at least we now know information and can begin to wrap our mind around some of what we do know.

-Stage 2.5 (one Dr. said 3, the oncologist thought 2, I'm splitting the difference)
-Will have to have a surgery, genetics testing may well determine what that will be.  If we remove one, we'll likely do both.
-Chemo is to start in the next couple of weeks
-Radiation will be required
-getting a stylish new Kensey inspired haircut Friday to help me/us transition and hopefully lessen the shock of it all.
-Port installation is soon as well. 
-lots of appointments, this is my new full time job

We do still plan to meet with another set of dr.'s a week from today to determine which to go with.  We're already struggling with confusion on this, but honestly, need to just wait until we talk to them.  Please pray the Lord will make this abundantly clear for us   

So I know I've been given an assignment, I'd like to ask for your help for one too.  When you see me, can you try not to make this the only thing we have to talk about?  I want to keep up on you all, your families, hobbies, kids and prayer requests too.  It will help me feel like life is normal.  If you wish to ask how things are for us, I can answer that too, but I'd LOVE to have you ask me how I see God moving today in this battle, because I'm going to be ever on the lookout for just that.  Because He will be moving, blessing, coordinating behind the scenes as only He does and refining our family, I'll be eager to tell others.  And I'll want to share that with as many as I can, because that's my assignment :-)

Also, I've started a spreadsheet with specific names for specific tasks on it.  If you want in on all this fun, please communicate that to me

Categories are
take ro to dr. appts.
hang w/kids/help with schooling
babysitting ro
shuttling kids

thank you for anything you might be able to offer. 

Off to do normal life things now. 

MUCH love and appreciation for you all~ro, tom and kidlets

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”   —Psalm 27:1




  1. Thanks so much for the update! I am up for any of your tasks, plug me in as needed. We are praying for you, asking the Holy Spirit to groan on your behalf. I love your approach to your assignment. And you are correct, your life will be a testimony to many, many people who watch you walk through this.

    My prayer request is for our church. As you know, we are without a pastor. Well, we had someone coming 8/1, but last week, he decided not to come. God has brought us another candidate and the elders are moving forward with him, please pray God's will in the situation and that we aren't hasty in our decision and regret it. -Amanda

  2. Put me down for meals, I'm sure I can come up with stuff you like and Kay can easily reheat. Once I know the results of my MRI I can do more. Also I'm so sorry for missing tonight but if you read my FB message my family is putting me through a terrible situation I cannot tell you about.
    I'll will be praying for you continuously, Ava does every night. Know I have to take my contacts out my eyes are killing me and I'm crashing because of the Valium they gave me for the MRI, love your entire family.

  3. Thank you for the uodate. You have been on my heart all day. Love and hugs to you, Rosanna and fam. I am praying for God's clear direction for your medical treatment.
    Prayers for our family as we move to FL.. our housing situation is not yet figured out. Long story. But basically we are in a bidding battle for a beautiful home that has everything we were looking for and kicking ourselves for not putting an offer on it last week.

  4. I'm praying for you. You've always had a wonderful testimony ever since I've known you. Thank you for desiring to magnify Christ even through this difficult time.