Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So we met with the dr. for our 2nd opinion Tuesday afternoon.  She has staged me at 2.  After having heard what she's got to say, here is where we have landed on at least the first part of decisions.

We'll meet with a new oncologist at Rose Medical Center Friday.  He is Dr. Paul. 
An MRI is set up for Friday.
Plastic surgery consult on Monday.  
I meet with the genetic dr. on Tuesday.

It looks like we'll schedule the surgery after the appt on Monday.  Not sure when, but prob soon, this month if I had to guess.   Looks like we're going to do a double mastectomy, unless something presents itself that we've not yet heard.  Big adjustments....

Dr. Schwartzberg did start our consult with the best words we've heard thus far, "you're curative", dr. speak for they can cure my cancer.  91% is their data, so we're very encouraged by that. 

My friend Kimmi, will set up a Care Calendar so that you could see what needs we have, when we have them, and then choose to sign up for what might suit you.  Thank you so much for all your offers of help and kindness, our family is truly overwhelmed by the goodness and love of our community.  Can't imagine having to do this without you all.  Will share the web address when we have it.

During this weeks sermon at church, our pastor spoke on Psalm 27, with some focus on this verse,

For in the day of trouble
    He will keep me safe in His dwelling; 
He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent
    and set me high upon a rock.

He didn't say if there was a day of trouble, it says "in the day of trouble".  So He knew these days would come, I trust in Him to walk us through them.  Praying you do too.  


  1. Tearing up reading this. I think you've gotten some encouraging news. I'm happy about that. Love you and learning from you. ❤️

  2. Thank you for the update; it helps to direct my prayers. You are walking through this valley with the Lord. Allow Him to carry you.

  3. Some encouraging news for sure-- Bitter-sweet. Love and prayers continue from our home. Love, from John and Daphne

  4. thanks so much for your update, praying for you as your journey continues. This song has ministered to my heart recently - I thought I would post them here for you to enjoy and meditate on. Each time I hear it, a new aspect of who God is washes over me and I'm overwhelmed with the depth of His love and His goodness. Extra precious to ponder when facing trials and troubles! Praying it ministers to your heart as it continually does to mine!

    Words and Music by Heather Sorenson

    God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky.
    Great Creator, Master of all nature.
    Who gives birth to snow from heaven,
    Holds the waves at ocean's edge,
    Gives the orders to the morning,
    Shows each dawn its place to shine?
    God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky.

    God of Ages, God who wrote the Book of Time.
    Sovereign Ruler, Alpha and Omega.
    Saints before, He's guided safely.
    History's pages signed by Him.
    Author of our days and hours;
    Things to come are held secure.
    God of Ages, Alpha and Omega.

    God of Power! God who breaks the darkness.
    Righteous Warrior, Champion of His children,
    Goes before us into battle;
    Good and evil bow to Him,
    Those in bondage freed forever,
    Victories won at His command!

    God who heals us, God who gives us peace and hope.
    God who listens, Carries all our fragile
    Dreams and heartaches, wins and failures;
    Binds the broken; hides the weak.
    New beginnings freely offered;
    Who can make us whole again?
    God who heals us, God of Power,
    God of Ages, God of Heaven,
    God of all the earth and sky.

  5. Thank you for letting us know where you are in this. Sending big hugs to you and praying for you. Very good news that doctor is optimistic! Love it!