Friday, August 12, 2016

Silly me.

Thinking I could have any semblence of control over any of this.

We met with 2 sets of breast docs and oncologists, sorta as teams.  Today was the final consult with the oncologist we're going with.  Glad that's all finished.  He, however, changed the sequence of events BACK to what it was last week before we met the new breast surgeon on Tues who changed it.  And I'm over it.  Thing is I don't really care what sequence any of this happens in, don't really want any of it, but getting used to one idea of doing say chemo 1st, then surgery to have that changed up and then changed up again, ugh, it's a roller coaster.  I'd like off now please.  I guess that's going to happen as long as I don't have any 3rd or 4th opinions, which is not in the plans.  We feel confident we are in the best place for our care for this disease.

So, the new plan.

-Port placement Tues afternoon
-chemo starts Tues 8/23 for 4ish months
-surgery will be early in 2017
-radiation will follow

still don't know what we are doing for surgery or re-construction yet, and, thankfully, that decision doesn't have to be made yet.  unless that changes too...  (sorry, BIG pity party here, forgive and pray if you feel so led)

Have a full day of appts Monday but I'm told that this part is on the downhill side too, which I have to say is pretty nice to think about too, will make schooling and life a bit simpler.  Thankful.

Kids are having some ups and downs too this week, but are muddling thru.  If you see them and feel the Lord leading, extra hugs would be appreciated.  We had a teary night last night, but prayerfully good healing is happening in that too.

Thankful we don't live the in the stix where we'd have to travel hours for our treatment.  Thankful for medical professionals, researchers and all the support staff.  Thankful for an amazing, engaged-in-this-battle husband.  Thankful for my beautiful, healthy, bickery children.   Thankful for amazing friends/family who are so sweetly stepping into our mess with a happy heart.  Thankful.  (and a little grumpy, c'mon have to be honest here, right?!)  But really, truly, mostly thankful.  Thank YOU for taking the time to read/care/pray/be there. 

“Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant.”   —Psalm 119:76


  1. Oh yes, doesn't the Lord love to work on our control freak natures?!? As if bringing our darlings into the world hasn't rocked the boat enough. Thank you for the update. Praying and will see you tomorrow.

  2. It is so good to know your heart. Thank you for being so transparent and open-- it helps me to know how to pray and feel like I'm getting to know you better. I'm looking forward to coming over tomorrow to shower you with blessings!

  3. Thank you for the updates. It is great to know how specifically how to pray. Your heart is so beautiful, even amidst this struggle. Please don't apologize for feeling down at times. Know that in this season of my life, while I am up in the dark hours with a baby, I will take that opportunity to pray for you. Love to you and your family!
    Rebecca Blair

  4. i'm so glad i found out about your blog and that i can come here when i need an update. you will be in my mind and on my heart all the time, and constant texts would not be endearing haha. i love you Ro - and i love your family. i'll be here for you, anytime, happy to be called on to help with flat out anything. everything you know, everything you've learned, everything you faced, everything you've experienced - has prepared you for now. xoxo

  5. Love ya! It's amazing how the Lord works! I'm so glad we were able to conquer the summit and looking back at how we thought that was the hard part, but in truth the difficult part was getting back to the van. You have a beautiful heart and a genuine love for your Heavenly Father. We will continue to pray and will do what we can to help. Hugs my dear friend!