Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Climbing Mt. Cancer.  That's how I'm going to view this process.  Tom, the kids and I and a precious friend, Tina,  climbed what was my and Tina's first ever 14-er (a mountain over 14,000 feet in altitude).  It's an incredible goal a really big achievement and something I wasn't so sure I had in me to do.  So as we embarked on this task, we searched the web for "beginner 14ers"  we researched locations,  read tips, plans, important advice to follow, and we were prepared.  But not really.  Because in all our research, we somehow missed that doing this in early June, after a particularly snowy spring was ill-advised.  Our beginner 14er became an advanced 14er.  We trailblazed most of it as the "trail" was unable to be found, likely b/c it was buried in snow.  BUT WE DID IT, in 11ish hours, we did it.  And I believe it was one of the many ways the Lord prepared me for where I am today.  It seemed literally insurmountable BUT WE DID IT.   This cancer thing feels the same, BUT WE'LL DO IT.  Thankful for His preparations for me.  So thankful.

Our family vacationed the month before when I began to read a very meaningful book, Ann Voskamps 1000 Gifts.

 Another precious friend, Alyssa, gifted that to me a year or so before, but I'd not yet picked it up.  The abbreviated version is this, God has placed before us each day gifts all around us.  Nature, beauty, the sweetness of people toward each other, a favorite song, delicious food, flowers, seeing your favorite color, you get the idea.  If we spend our days not seeing the blessings/gifts He's so lavishly put before us, we're not living the abundant life He's provided us.  So while postholing for what felt like the gazillionth time, (  He gave me little reminders of His love, a ladybug on the snowy bank, a wildflower on the outer edge.  Weather that was PERFECT the entire day to include that the storms were held back,  something we'd read about in our research could have been a real danger.  He was WITH us in our difficult hike, but because, after all, we'd put ourselves there, He didn't take it away.  He did, however provide reminders that He was with us.  Had I not read this book, I don't know how aware I'd have been.  Thankful. 

And so I continue to see the blessings while trekking Mt. Cancer, amazing caregivers everywhere I turn, a PET scan my 2nd oncologist fought to get approved for me when the 1st oncologist was told no, a relatively painless port procedure, my  daughter Kay's culinary skills providing a delicious nutritious meal when we got home early from the surgery.  The meal was provided for FREE from Green Chef as won for me by my new friend Camilla.  My friend MiChelle providing me unlimited medical questions/queries and appointments.  My mom going with me and nursing me back to health and wholeness after surgery.  Thankful and blessed. 

The current Mt. Cancer plans, getting closer to the summit with each one are as follows,
Thurs-PET Scan to determine if cancer is elsewhere in my body.  Praying not, but His will be done.
Tues-1st Chemo session, Tom will go with me, another blessing, his job and banked sick time.  Pray that goes smoothly please.

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”   —Deuteronomy 31:8

Here are the details for the Care Calendar Kimmi set up for us.  

To access Rosanna Lindeman's CareCalendar site, visit and enter the following information in the appropriate spaces:

     Calendar ID   :   240697
     Security code :   1794

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