Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soul Surfer

Watched Soul Surfer tonight for a date w/hubs, thx babysitting swappin' buds btw. What an amazing movie about a strong, self confident young lady struggling through the tragedy of loosing her arm. Here are a few reviews if you want to see more,

Really love the above websites for reviewing films mostly for the kids, but lately more so for us as we are trying to better filter our inputs as well. Especially like the 2nd site as it gives us a good opinion on recommended ages.

Anyway, as we're honed in lately about raising our girls counter-culture, not being obsessed with their outward appearance and attemping to instill good esteem, I'm excited to have this tool in our arsenal when the time is right. It's exciting to have this as a resource. Thank you Hollywood for getting this one right.

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