Sunday, July 31, 2011

here we go

Not sure why, today, I'm thinking of getting this going, been on the fence about it for some time now. Suppose what got a commitment today was a tab to add a link to my blog (which until now didn't exist) for a website I have a good deal of passion for. That's the thing, I have a good deal of passion about many things and perhaps bore those I interact with telling them of such things. Every now and again, however, someone IS curious about something I've mentioned, so I thought a blog would be a good place to place those links.

Tripping the walk, boy, I really wish I could say I were walking it, and sometimes I am, but most of the time I'm struggling, right alongside my fellow believers to glorify God well. It's so hard living in this flesh, on this planet. I'm very heavenly-minded as a result.

So, in this, my 1st attempt at blogging, my prayer would be that you would find laughs, giggles, humility, good resources to equip us along the way, and perhaps a little encouragement to keep pressing on, trips and all.

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