Monday, August 15, 2011

A borrowed idea I absolutely love!

Most of my really wonderful parenting ideas are things I have read about in a parenting magazine, book or blog, or on FB or from a discussion with a friend. This idea is probably at the tippy top of my list.

When Ka was about 2 I read that it would be a good idea to have a birthday letter for her each year that I would keep together for her to leave home with sometime around her 18th bday. I have computer folders for each of our kids, and a Word Document for each year of their bday. As they say or do things I really want to remember, I quick type them in an email (if I'm not at that computer) for me to remember to add to their letters when I can get to it. Just before their next bday, I edit and print these letters (Daddy does this too) and put them in their scrapbooks.

Now that they are 8, 6 and 5, I have read a few of these to them at their birthdays, they think it's pretty cool to hear things they said or did. They are already enjoying them. There are so many details of their childhoods that I want to treasure and remember forever, this is a way I can do that.

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