Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amazing Peer pressure. Moody Family, we love you!

I love living in this time in history. It feels like there are so many amazing resources available with which to raise our kids. The Moody Family series was loaned to me by a friend of mine, and our family is hooked. This homeschooling family of 6 seeks to live a good christian life and my kids can't get enough of our evening read aloud time. When my friend gave it to me she said, "Just read it, don't preach or try to emphasize what you read, just read it."

These kids are just like mine, they argue and bicker and love to be together. But what they do that was different than our family is they seek to forgive each other quickly, they listen to the Holy Spirits' conviction, they make it right quickly. And it's rubbing off. I've observed my children being kinder to one another, asking forgiveness when wronging one another and seeking to be more of a blessing to all members of our family. It's AWESOME!

So, we finished our 1st book, and have since returned it and have borrowed the next 3 in the series of 6. Thank you friends for the loan, I think these are going to be showing up soon as gifts. In the meantime, it's really fun to read aloud, I just have to keep my mouth closed as editorializing is not required, the books do it by themselves.

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