Sunday, April 9, 2017

Time to look inside again

Haven't said much lately, not much to say.  Life's a whirlwind of many great things, some hard things and LOTSA kid things.  Life is full and I am grateful for all of it, well, most of it anyway.  But we must take a pause over this next week and look inside to make sure all is well.  Because of the medication I receive through my port every 3 weeks, I'm believing I'm staying cancer-free, but I suppose it's important to look to be sure.

Tues 4/11- PET scan, results likely before end of the week.

Tues 4/18- Bone Density Scan, Echocardiogram to make sure my heart remains healthy, also should have results by week's end next week if times past are good indicators.

Today a friend and I were talking at church, he and his family have a big decision to make so we were talking about how big fear can feel.  Like on your eyeglasses, a fly can seem HUGE!  But a house in the distance can look like a spec, until you walk closer and closer to it.  Then it gets bigger than that little 'ole fly.  We talked about how we have to CHOOSE to walk nearer to our faith and CHOOSE to minimize our fear, because God tells us it shouldn't be the other way around.  And so I do have fearful moments, but am trying to CHOOSE faith to take over in those moments.  Because any time I spend in fear of what might be, is time wasted.  I don't have a fact that warrants fear, but I serve a God who is faithful and true.  He's gotten us through these 9 months and He'll continue to do so as we lean into Him.  

Appreciate any and all prayers for good reports.  Thank you so much for continuing to check in on us, praying for us, and for loving us so incredibly well.  

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