Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mediterranean Love Plan

The Mediterranean Love Plan Book 
Things I love about this book
  • These authors are people, though I have never met, I feel I know.  I've read many of his and some of her other books.  They are real about where they are with matters of their family and marriage.  I can identify with them.  Their willingness to share their struggles make mine not seem so unique, we all have struggles. 

  • Tom and I are always looking for ways to make our marriage better.  We've read lots of books over the years with our Marriage Group friends.  This book offers ideas we've not yet read.
  • I enjoy observing how other cultures do what we do in everyday life.  I don't travel as much as I long to, so this is sort of a travel guide for that region with specific regard to marriage. 
  • There are practical ideas, such as "13 Ways to keep your Love Playful", things I can implement that day or the next.  
  • The date ideas seem unending.  Just when we think we've exhausted all that we can do, there is a large in number and varied in experience pool from which to choose.  Thankful for this!
  • The book gives us 7 secrets of our friends in the Mediterranean.  It also closes with reminding us that Passion is Proactive.  We have to work at our marriages for them to be what we strive for them to be.  Just like anything in life that is worth it, we need to work at it.  But the rewards are so very worth it.  Appreciate this reminder too. 

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