Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lots of change this week

chemo buddy Debbi embellished the sign, cuz she's artsy that way <3

My chemo buddy today, Debbi, such a blessing
Nurses extraordinare Shanna & Angela
Wow, as I look at last week's post, can't believe how much has changed.  I'm sad to report my sister has moved back to Pueblo.  We will really miss having here here, watching her do so well.  We love her so much and will continue to pray her back to health.  Thank you friends who have and will continue to do the same.  Grateful for the memories and time we did have.  Trying to stay focused on the blessings.

Today was the last day for currently prescribed chemo, praying forever.  It was a good appt. with the oncologist.  Dr. Paul tells me that since the tumor has been virtually gone by physical exam since the 1st chemo treatment, he's encouraged that the breast cells in my lungs would probably also respond in kind.  He said there was a 98% chance that all the breast cancer cells in all 3 places in my body should be gone.  Praying that's the case and when they do the PET, MRI, & Bone Scan they will find no evidence of any cancer anywhere.  I have one of these scans scheduled for 12/27, awaiting insurance authorizations for the others and then they'll likely be scheduled before the year is out.

January 3, we will meet with Dr. Paul again to find out the results of all the scans as well as an Echo Cardiogram to determine how my heart has endured the chemo.  Our family asks for your prayers for peace and the ability to leave the results with the Father.  And to stop taking them from him in that seemingly endless dance we like to do with Him.

I'm hoping to schedule a lumpectomy when I meet with a surgeon this Friday 12/16.  This surgery will likely occur in January.

3 weeks recovery from surgery and then to start 6 weeks of M-F radiation treatments.

The kids continue to handle okay, they are being loved on well by many of you, extra grace and hugs.  Thank you for loving on us this way.

So now you are up to date and fully informed as I am, will update when I know more.

Thank you for caring, loving, supporting, praying, feeding, hugging, helping etc. etc.  We continue to feel so very supported and loved by so many and keep thanking God for ALL of it.

Below is the verse I shared with you all when I announced our diagnosis, seems to still speak to me today, so I thought it bore repeating.  So grateful that this is ALL in His hands and He has overcome the world. 

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”   —John 16:33

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  1. Praying for you every day, my friend. The verse you shared is the same one Seth chose for his verse when he was baptized last month. Love you lots!