Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Guess whose Cancer-free?

Yesterdays PET scan results came back quick today, they called to let me know they saw NOTHING in my lungs, so that, with yesterday's MRI results on "the girls" show NO CANCER!!!!!!!

I can't thank each and every one of you enough for each prayer, meal, ride for my kids, babysitting/playdates for my kids, taking care of my sick kid, beautiful card or gift, HUGS lotsa lotsa HUGS, text, email or phone call, walks, every little and big thing each one of you did, THANK YOU!  It's been a rough road, and we're not quite done yet (surgery in January, and then 6 wks of radiation to follow after healing from surgery), but we are thru what I've been told is the hardest part, chemo and learning if the chemo had been effective.  I'm both so grateful for the chemotherapy and I pray I NEVER have to do that again in life, ever.   

Of course, we need to pray that cancer stays gone and we will pray for that, but today we 🎆🙌 CELEBRATE!!!  🌟

5 months 2 days after diagnosis, this is such great news to hear!  

As we've been approaching this day, the day where all results would be revealed, it's been bittersweet, because we have all prayed for this result, and yet I knew that it was possible it could have just as easily gone the other way.  Either way, God is still good and on the throne and He knows what is best.  How to convey that to my kids?  But I truly believed it to be true, I still do.  And so the faith journey continues... 


  1. Yaaaayyyyy!!!! Praise God!! I'm so thrilled and humbled to see God's hand at work in this!! ❤ Lesley

  2. Praising the Lord with YOU! God is so faithful and you've been faithful to Him! Much love to you all. So glad they shared the results with you instead of making you wait on everything until 1/3. Keep clinging to Him!

  3. WooHOOOOOO! My heart is leaping for joy and a smile is on my face. We rejoice and praise with you!

  4. Yes! Celebrating with you, Rosanna!

  5. Yesterday's hug was my most favorite of the year!! Thank you for sharing your news and we will continue to lift you up in the weeks ahead.