Monday, December 5, 2016

Blessings and Heavy Hearts

This season of life feels like the Dragon Boat ride at Elitches.  When we enjoy that tummy-tickling ride to the left, it's exhilarating!  When we swing to the right, it's heartbreak/devastation, and then back to the left again.  Bizarre this life we all live.

I am enjoying the tremendous, miraculous blessing of having my sister back in our lives again for the first time in many, many years.  It's been such a gift from Father.  We laugh, talk thru things, support each other, pray for and encourage one another.  For almost a month now.  It's been amazing.  Last night, much of our family were able to gather to celebrate a 70th bday party.  It was so great to all be under one roof again, laughing, eating and being together.  Did my heart so very good.  All of ours, really.  While we missed those who couldn't be with us, we truly enjoyed our time together. This pic is of my sister and 2 of her kids, me and our 3.

Then on the other hand I have friends in crisis, marriages struggling, a child dies in a terrible accident, mental illnesses wreaking havoc, custody issues, more diseases and medical issues.  Such hard, hard stuff people I care about are walking through, and we walk alongside them as much as we can.

Life is just flying by and it's hard to take it all in.

And then there is the future, that great BIG unknown.  While at our small group the other night, a precious friend was sharing fears she had.  I get those, fears.  And in hearing her talk of hers I remember who the author of fear is and it MAKES ME ANGRY.  Because he is robbing peace from her, from me.

2 Timothy 1:7 English Standard Version (ESV)for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

My friend and I exchanged a couple emails later and here's where we landed.  Whenever I get consumed in my fearful thinking about the upcoming future, I'll STOP and pray for her struggle with her fears. And when she does the same, she'll pray for me and my fears.  Today that is really helping me.  I pray it continues to do so.  I believe it will.  

The last currently prescribed chemo is a week from tomorrow, 12/13.  My family and I are happy to say that and pray that we will be able to hold to that FOREVER.  But if not, His Grace will be sufficient.  It'll need to be.  Physically, I'm holding up pretty well.  Feeling a little less than, but overall can do much of what I want/need to most of the time sans chemo week.  I'm grateful for the health I do have, which is a lot. 

Scans will be scheduled after we get next week completed.  Then to meet with surgeon in January.  
We thank you for praying over it all, so many of you have been so faithful since we began this journey last summer.  We never take for granted your faithfulness, we appreciate every prayer uttered on our behalf.  And we're managing thanks to each of them and God's sustenance.  Love to you all, will update when there's something to share.  MUCH love to you all.


  1. Love you my friend! Great muggers for me in your uldate.

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement! During this season of Joy, and yet "so much to do", I will pray for you both when I feel the "overwhelmedness". Hugs. I will choose Joy, and be intentional about doing so.

  3. Rosanna you have such a gift of writing keep doing that as God can use that gift all day long. I know your last treatment will be the last one for sure. Enjoy your family and this season as he is using you in a mighty way.