Sunday, January 8, 2017

Still elated about our news, and details about next 2 months

10 days ago we shared our wonderful news of cancer being undetectable in all the scans.  There is a lightness back in our home again.  So relieved.  Can't seem to tell people w/o getting emotional,
I expect that will just be my new way, I'm ok with it.  The kids and hubs are just used to it.  We all are so grateful that God's plan is this for now, and we'll take it. 

HOWEVER, we do have a couple things we would ask you to keep in prayer as He leads.  Tues, 1/10 I will have a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed.  My surgeon says she expects it to be a minor surgery.  Shouldn't even need a drain, if all goes as she anticipates.  We pray that is the case.  It should be outpatient too, 11 a.m. this Tues.  She says I should be healed in about 2 weeks. 

My mom and aunt will be helping out this week and Tom will be able to take a few days, so school can get in for kids as well.   Looking forward to fun family time too. 

I meet with Radiation Oncologist 1/17.  I've been told to start the 5 days per week for 6 weeks radiation schedule, we're thinking to start in February, finishing in mid-March.

I'll be re-scanning every 3 months until the Oncologist shifts the schedule. 

Every 3 weeks I will need to go in for a Herceptin infusion, a miracle med that will help keep the cancer away as I am what is called HER2 positive.    God's given me an assignment to have eyes wide open for anyone I can love on, share His hope with.  I'm grateful for a clear task.  That infusion room can be sad and dreary.  I pray He finds ways to use me to help bring hope.

So, that is the full update.  All the details that we know at this time. 

Our family is so appreciative for each one of you as you celebrate alongside us this yes answer to our prayers.  It touches us in deep ways as you have been so in this with us.  Words seem weak to express our true feelings, but THANK YOU. 

  We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.


  1. Thanks for being faithful to update us all! And thanks for the details about upcoming events so we can keep our prayers targeted. Will definitely be praying that the surgery is simple and no drains needed and quick healing, you get to keep the tatas, hooray!

  2. Such wonderful news! We continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. We were so happy to see you yesterday. Thank you for sharing joy through your beautiful smiles and cheerful selves. Stay positive and know God is holding you in his glowing love!
    The Lucero family