Tuesday, October 25, 2016

He keeps stirring me up

This blogging season for me, began as a way to keep lotsa precious people to me scattered all over, informed of what was happening, mostly so I wouldn't have to spend so much time talking about this new little hobby I have.  It's morped into a journal of sorts.  A friend asked me in conversation with another friend near me if I was journaling about this, my 1st thought was no, and my other friend added in, "yes, she's blogging."  Like so many things in life, what I set out to do for others is more a blessing for me.  God's economy. 

Another friend asked me on a walk today (yes, still enjoying those, love having you join me if you can) if I had a cancer update.  I had nothing, no news, no developments, it's really a nice place to be.  I'm in my chemo honeymoon, those glorious 2 weeks I get between treaments that follow the week I'd really rather skip, so nothing's happening.  But then it occurs to me that she's not just asking about physically what's happening.

News broke this week that Scott Hamilton, olympic figure skater and all around light hearted good guy has his 3rd diagnosis of cancer.  He's had some breaks between them.  That's kinda heavy for me.  And then I remember that everyone gets a different life, and his path might not be my path.  Or it might.  But all I can handle-today-is what I do know, what is actually on my plate today.  It's all I'm asked to carry.  So I tell the enemy of my soul to shut his pie hole, because he can't have my joy, my gratitude for what health I do have or my what-ifs.    Only God can.  So I lay them at HIS ever-capable feet.  I'll probably pick them back up again before the hour is through, but then I'll take them back in this ever familiar dance.  Lord, help me keep bringing them back to YOU. 

Another lesson I keep needing to learn is that someone, somewhere always has a tough road to walk, it's not unique to me.  Some have it easier (as if one can measure such a thing), others worse, but we ALL have junk we have to walk through.  So I try to keep that in mind so as to not have too big a pity party.  And I commit to praying for those, taking my eyes off my stuff and lifting others is a good way for me to stay encouraged.  It's what He put me on this planet to do, to love others in prayer and deed.  It's what He's put all of us on this planet to do.  To be His hands and feet, to love others as we, ourselves want to be loved.  Do it through me Lord I pray.

So, a week from today, Tues 11/1/16 is Chemo #4 of 6 total prescribed today.  Until then, it's living life to it's fullest.  Thank you for keeping me and my family lifted in prayer, we're grateful for you and your love for us.  Pray my dread will be as small as possible as I look to Him.  Pray His grace will get me through the rough days that follow the chemo, that I'll lean HARD into Him. 

Because music is a great way to get through every day, I wanted to share one of my fave songs that really speaks to what's been on my heart today, hope it speaks to yours as well,


MUCH love and praying for YOU too, ro


  1. I love your blogs and I'm praying for your success story! Miss seeing you.

    Big Hugs and Bigger Prayers,

    Kris Sandal

  2. Thank you for taking the time to blog/journal. When I went through the hell of my husband abandoning me, Kaleb, and 6mo old Luke... and his accusations and affair and drugs of that year... I journaled. Blogging wasn't a thing yet... so it was just me and paper. But I'm so grateful for it. 12 years later those words still touch me... because God was there. It's a privilege to get to read yours as you keep on keeping on. ~Rebekah Lind

  3. Praying for the dread to ease up for you. For encouragement and and joy in each new day. Did the different treatments/drugs/acupuncture help make any of the side effects more tolerable? Much love to you all. Will think of you on Monday when we celebrate not celebrating!