Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Music, friends & rear view mirrors

Today, at bible study we sang a song that reminded me of Mt. Cancer.  A remix of a hymn that has an amazing back story as the author had lost so much.  (google it if you don't know it).  Click the link below for a youtube of the song w/lyrics.  Praying it blesses you as it does me each time I hear it. 

It is Well w/lyrics
We could hear my sweet friends rehearsing this song as we finished up in our small group, it is such a beautiful song.  I was eager to make it on time to the large group teaching to hear and sing it with them.  As we sang these forgotten lyrics,

And this mountain that's in front of me
will be thrown into the midst of the sea

I remembered an earlier blog post about conquering Mt. Cancer.  Today I find myself nearly finishing Week #4 of 7 weeks, the downhill side.  As I look at all we've endured, 1-chemo, 2-surgery and 3-LASTLY radiation, I'm really excited to see the end of this mountain trail.  I can look behind me and see the largest part behind me.  Yahoo!  He has truly been faithful and true to see us through.  Through many of you. 

When I tried to find this song in my heart online today, I couldn't.  I emailed my friends for the title.  One replied, "...the times that I have sung that song God has always put you on my know that I pray for you whenever I sing it. He loves you so much Rosanna!!!"  Again I'm reminded of His precious love for me.  He is such a good God. 

To date, side effects are quite minimal and yesterday I got some help for one that has made a TREMENDOUS difference.  Praying I stay good, but know that the fatigue, they say can be cumulative, may show up any time now.  For now, enjoying my hair growing back, the memories my family and I continue to be able to enjoy making and everyday living.  Thx for staying tuned, loving us, and alllllll your prayers.  You bless us and we're glad to know you.

MUCH love,
the Lindemans


  1. Always an inspiration to read your journey. Give God the praise...I know you do!

  2. In the Kim Walker Smith version of It Is Well, the audience cheers when they sing that part of the song. I always tear up. Now I will cheer and sing for you!