Monday, December 17, 2012

Why does evil exist? My pastor's take.

Heard a very good explanation of evil in the world yesterday in church.  Wanted to share it on my fb page, but thought it would be too many characters for the limit.  Steve Harling shared this yesterday,

A woman goes to a salon to get her nails done.  The technician was both a nail and hair gal.  She begins to explain that she can't believe in God as there is just so much evil in the world.  She can't figure out how a "loving" God would allow it and not interfere.  The lady having her nails done, a christian, just sits and listens unsure of how to respond.  After finishing her nails she steps outside the salon.  There she observes a woman with long hair.  It was dirty, uncombed and she was clearly disheveled.  A thought occurs to her as she steps back in the salon to speak to her technician.  She says to her, "I don't believe you are a beautician.  I just saw a woman outside and she had long hair, it wasn't combed, she was disheveled, therefore, you can't be a beautician."  The tech looked at her and said, "well, that's just ridiculous, she isn't beautiful because she doesn't COME to me.  I can't be blamed for that." 

And so it is with God.  When we are in our disheveled states,  when we aren't pretty, when our insides are a mess, we have a choice to make, seek out the one who made us and can comfort our souls, lead us in  the direction of comfort and wholeness, OR we can stay in our dispair and in that place make hurtful choices (for us and/or others). 

I think that was the best explanation I have heard of how evil exists in our world.  May it minister to your soul in the way it did mine. 

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